Team Win, LLC  

In 1983, I started working with some of the greatest builders in the Midwest and felt like I was in heaven. I loved everything, from breaking ground all the way to decorating and closing. In 1995 I jumped into the appraising side of the business and built one of the largest appraisal companies on the west coast – it was boring but very informative.

In 1997 I moved to Atlanta to use my building, decorating and appraising knowledge to start flipping homes—and again—was living the dream, at least I thought I was.   Nearly out of the blue, I found myself single with two little ones and all my support was thousands of miles away. 

Even though I knew very few people in Atlanta—I had fallen in love with the South.  So, with my two little ones, I started my solo full-time real estate adventure. I worked my tail off, and in 1999 I was the number one producing agent in my Re/Max office.

That next year, I met and married Win, who was doing well in financial services—so our careers were very complimentary. 

In 2003 we had our youngest, Aubrey. Honestly, I was way too old to be having a baby and it really put a kink in my business—I mean I was still doing okay, but not the top performer I had been for the last 2 decades. Anyway, I was introduced to a coaching company and was so intrigued that I flew to California for a week long training seminar. By the last day, they pitched a program guaranteed to bring my production back to where it was, or even better, and it was only $1,500 per month for 12 months, and the big catch was, “if I did everything they said and I didn’t hit the goal, they would refund every penny spent in fees”. Who could turn that down, right? So I called Win and told him all about it, and being the supportive guy he is, he said,” sure—sign up! “

I was so excited for the new opportunity, but within the first week I realized that I was on the hook for $1,500 per month for a year and there was no way I could do what they were asking me to do. They wanted me to be on the phone by 7am, every morning, calling people who were already mad because their listings just expired the night before, and believe me these people blamed their agent. They were none too happy that I was calling them at 7am saying, “I saw that your home listing expired, and I’m wondering when you’re going to hire the RIGHT agent to sell your home”.   This wasn’t my style.

After weeks of stress and sleepless nights, I sat down and admitted to Win what I had gotten us into. (Did I tell you how supportive he was?) He looked at me and said—”no problem, I’ll make your calls.” And he did!

The next time I walked into the office, my broker immediately saw that my attitude had improved. Curious as to the change, he called me into his office —probably wondering what type of anti-anxiety meds my doctor had put me on. So when I told him the pressure was off because Win was taking over my calls, his face paled, his smile dropped and he told me in no uncertain terms that either Win had to get his license, or I would lose mine. You see, if you’re not licensed, you can’t make those calls.

When I got in my car that afternoon, already bummed that I had to face the traffic on 285 and 400, I called Win and told him of our new dilemma.  To him, it was no problem—remember when I said how supportive he is?  His answer was, “Ok, I’ll get my license.”  And he did.  And that my friends was the beginning of Team Win—and we have grown to a multi agent team and have been top producers in our area ever since.